Congo (Pinball) Cheats For Pinball


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Congo (Pinball) Cheats For Pinball

Congo Pinball is a classic among pinball fans. Its unique jungle theme and fun gameplay make this game an enjoyable experience for any age. The aim of the game is to shoot balls through obstacles and targets to progress through levels. If you want to get ahead and score more points, there are some Congo Pinball cheats that can help you out.

The first Congo Pinball cheat players should know is the multi-ball feature. This allows you to launch multiple balls on the screen at once, giving you a higher chance of scoring points. To activate this, simply hit the three targets at the bottom of the screen at the same time. Doing this will release two extra balls and increase your chances of scoring big points.

Another important Congo Pinball cheat involves the bonus features. These bonus features can be activated by hitting the bonus targets in the middle of the screen. Depending on the bonus feature you have activated, you can be rewarded with extra points, extra balls, and other bonuses. Knowing which bonus targets to hit and when can give you an advantage in the game.

The next Congo Pinball cheat involves the ball saver feature. This feature can be used to save your ball from draining if it ends up in the gutter. To activate it, simply press the left flipper button twice in quick succession. Doing so will cause the ball to move back onto the playfield, saving you from losing a life.

Finally, a great Congo Pinball cheat is to use the tilt feature. If your ball is stuck in a tricky spot or position, you can gently tilt the machine to free it. Doing this will not only save you from losing a ball but also give you some extra points. However, be careful when using this feature as too much tilting can lead to your game ending prematurely.

These Congo Pinball cheats are sure to help you get an edge in the game and reach new heights in your scores. With practice and dedication, you can become an expert at Congo Pinball and conquer the game. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start playing!

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